Why uPVC Profiles Are Miles Ahead in Benefits Compared to Others

uPVC (fully known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, not to be confused with PVC, which is plasticised chloride) is polyvinyl that is most commonly used when mass-producing doors or windows made fully from the uPVC material. Below, we will discuss the advantages that come with using uPVC products and how they can benefit the daily life in based on the weather.

In recent years, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC profiles have become popular and are being used widely in homes. PVCu which is a polymer compound is very light-weight, strong, durable, inexpensive, termite-proof and can be coloured in the countless shade, it can be coloured to look like wood too. Other than all these positive qualities PVCu doors never rots, flakes, rusts, fades, pits, peels or corrodes. Only a light soapy wash and a check of the seals is enough for maintenance.

A Durable Choice

Contrary to the flexibility of PVC, uPVC does not have any plasticizers, which makes it a sturdy and very durable material; not to mention it is also very cheap to produce. uPVC profiles would work well in homes and enterprises, because not only are they light and sturdy, but they do not show any reaction to water; a certain advantage when you take into consideration the humidity.

Doors & Windows

uPVC is most commonly used with doors and windows, thanks to the water resistance and cheap manufacturing it is easily accessible and affordable for both homes and company buildings. It doesn’t wear down easily and is sure to serve many good years from the time it is first installed. It’s a stiff, strong and rigid material that will not give way to any weathering effects and is often a great replacement when getting rid of wooden or metal profiles.

Saving up to 30%

uPVC profiles are a definite improvement over wood profiles, which tend to break easily and end up being quite fragile. They also provide noise insulation and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Not only that, they have impressive heat insulation, which can only mean one thing: lower costs when using air conditioning, something well-known. Research shows that as much as 20-25% can be saved through introducing uPVC profiles to new homes, and it works both ways: heating and cooling alike.

Weather Conditions

uPVC profiles do not rot or corrode and are dust-proof, which is a definite plus when you are subdued to the dust storms. Also last but not least: they do not allow heat to penetrate the home or estate and are extremely difficult to ignite. This is a high-quality product which has a wide variety of styles ready to suit anyone’s picky needs.

Overall, there are no clear disadvantages when it comes to using PVCu profiles. Be it for doors or windows alike, all the various climates will not be able to destroy these profiles anytime soon after installation. Whether they subdued to dust storms, heat waves or general corrosive salty air, the PVCu profiles can and will handle the climate of well.