Why Most Home Experts Choose Tilt and Turn Windows

Sash windows are very common in most places but many homeowners today are beginning to use different window styles for their homes. If you want a more classic feel to your home, you might be interested in using those tilt and turn windows. They’re a standard and are becoming more and more popular because of their awesome thermal and acoustic properties, hence, a lot of home experts suggest this.

A tilt and turn window may look and operate like an ordinary casement window, but it cleverly does more. It has two distinct functions: to swing open and shut like a door and to tilt inward at the top of the sash to ventilate the room. Just one handle is used to allow both operations. The dual operation is obviously ideal for those who want access at times and just some ventilation at other times. This is why you often see this type of window instead of a normal door opening in a usual balcony or outdoor extension.

Tilt and turn windows are also popular for their niftiness of the double function. Since it swings inward, it’s easy to clean. You can clean the outer side of the pane and frame while you’re inside, which makes the style extra practical for upper story windows. And this is the main benefit of this type of window solution. This is the very reason why many people opt for this.

Additionally, it also offers safety which is perfect for those with children and pets. When tilted, the window only opens around 10 cm; that’s usually not wide enough for your cat or child to get through. To further reinforce safety, you can put a restrictor that will prevent it from opening too widely, so burglars won’t be able to get through as well. Tilt and turn windows do have a modern appeal, so they don’t really go well with period buildings. Also, they tend to be chunkier than the usual casement windows since the frames usually overlap.

However, there are flush designs these days that do away with this issue. The latest flush tilt and turn window designs come with a high performance centre seal system, triple glazing, concealed hinges and gearing, anti-slam technology, reinforced security around the hinges, and many more smart features. So if you want to build a contemporary-style home or update the look of your house, choosing tilt and turn windows is an excellent move.