Six Ways Replacement Windows Can Improve a Home

When it comes to improving the look of a house or upgrading the interior, many people automatically leap to the assumption that renovating the kitchen is the best option. While an energy-efficient refrigerator may make a significant impact in the kitchen, installing replacement windows throughout the home is an easy way to improve every room.

Increase Curb Appeal

Old windows are associated with rotting wood, peeling paint, and out-dated designs. Replacing old options with new models will instantly improve the look of a home’s exterior. Rather than peeling paint and warped windowsills, people walking by will see solid trim and sills in the style that best suits the house.

Keep Interiors Looking Nice

Older windows are often made of single panes of glass. While these options do provide some protection from the elements, they often let harmful UV rays into the room, damaging furniture and artwork. New panes are made of double-pane glass and feature enhanced sun protection. Furniture, rugs, and artwork will face less damage from the sun once replacement windows are installed.

Leave the Weather Outside

Older single-pane models allow the temperature outside to influence the inside of a home. These models are often thin and, over time, the glass can shift out of the trim. Once the panes shift, drafts of air enter the room, making it harder to keep each area at an ideal temperature. Most double-pane versions provide more insulation, keeping the temperatures comfortable.

Lower Energy Bills

Since replacement windows keep each room at a more comfortable temperature, they also help lower energy bills. When old panes let in cold or hot air from outside, they force the building’s HVAC system to work harder throughout the day. Because new models have higher levels of insulation, they’ll keep each room closer to the ideal temperature without forcing the HVAC system to work harder.

Reduce Noise Pollution

New double-pane glass also reduces the amount of noise contamination from outside. High-traffic areas can be especially loud, and replacing single-pane options with new, higher quality glass will reduce the amount of noise that intrudes from outside. This can be particularly useful if the house is located near a highway. Similarly, the updated models will keep any noise inside the building from bothering neighbors; for homeowners who are frequent party hosts, this can be a huge asset.

Change the Style

Old windows do not always reflect the current style of the building. The trim may be antiquated and warrant replacement or repainting. The glass may be divided into small panes where a single sheet might look better. Adding new windowsills and frames will give the homeowner a chance to examine the style of the home and make the changes they see fit without an extensive remodel.

New double-pane glass can make all the difference in a home’s exterior while also helping transform the interior into the space it needs to be. Rather than settling on old, single-pane units, consider the value and benefits of new residential windows today.