Picture Windows – What Are They?

When you are having a new home built according to your specifications, the homeowner also chooses the type of windows they would like in their new home. Windows come in a variety of sizes, shapes, double or triple pane, and picture windows. Some of the factors that will help you decide what windows to choose include the architecture that surrounds the home, your areas weather conditions, and your personal aesthetics. For many types of homes, picture windows are often an eye-catching choice.

This type of window is a large window that is fixed. It can feature glazed bars near the window’s edge or no glazing bars at all. It acts like a picture frame, providing the homeowner with a beautiful view of their surroundings. The window features a wide span of glass that can range from twenty-four to ninety-six inches wide and from twelve inches to ninety-six inches in height. They generally do not open to let in the air. Such a window reaches from ceiling to the floor. Because they do not open, it makes them very energy efficient.

When looking this kind of windows you should choose for energy efficiency windows with Low-E glass, which is a form of treated glass. This glass controls the passage of heat while conducting visible light. The term Low-e stands for low emissivity. Choosing this glass is an energy efficient way to control the heat that is allowed in and out of your home. For colder climates choose ones that have a high solar gain glazing. In the warmer climates, you should choose low solar gain glazing. The choice s most durable is rigid vinyl cladding. Choosing picture windows can be more expensive than regular windows so make wise choices when investing in picture windows.

One thing that can be a challenge with picture windows is the window dressing, which includes curtains, drapes, blinds, etc. Most people who choose picture windows do so with the objective of allowing as much light as possible enter the home and to give a clear view of the beautiful scenery outside. There are times that you might want to maintain your privacy or at night and not wanting anyone walking by to be able to see into the home through the picture window. One window treatment is to mount outside of the window frame vertical blinds that match your décor is a very practical choice to make. With the blinds, you can add a valance across the top of the picture window that also coordinates with the décor and painting of the room. This will help to complete the look. Leaving this with no window treatments can give the room a feel of not being complete with an undressed picture window.