What You Need To Know About Hot Tub Covers

If you have a hot tub, it’s imperative that you install a hot tub cover. This is a unit made from high-quality plastic vinyl. The cover serves many roles including: protecting the unit from insects, dirt, heat, and children from getting in. Unlike other units, hot tubs don’t have chlorine. This means that they get dirtier quicker and more frequently than the other units.

Types of hot tub covers

There are many types of these units in the market that you can go for. The most common are:

Soft, rolling covers: They are the easiest to use. Since they are soft, you can easily fold them and store them when you aren’t in need of them. They are made from thin foam, vinyl, or plastic vapor barrier. Due to their make, you should use them to cover the hot tubs located inside the house.

Solar covers: These will keep your hot tub warm while keeping your power bills low. In addition to keeping dirt and debris out of the tub, they also play a vital role in keeping the unit hot.

Double hinge cover: Also known as tonneau covers, these units feature a hard shell cover that is ideal for outdoor hot tubs. Due to the heavy shell, these units are a little bit harder to move around. The cool thing is that they provide the best protection. For easy access to either side of the tub, the covers are hinged in the middle. This makes it easy for you to open and close them.

Seasonal covers: From their name, these are covers that you use during a given season. These units are usually big, and due to this, they cover the entire hot tub instead of just the top. In most cases, you use these covers during winter where they take the load of snow and keep off the thawing and freezing processes off the hot tub. This comes in handy in preserving the life of the unit.

Factors to consider when buying hot tub covers

To have a great experience, you need to buy the right covers. This calls for you to consider some factors.

Use: Why are you buying the units in the first place? Two of the prime reasons you can buy them is if you want to keep dirt and debris out of the tank. Also, invest in the units when you are looking to protect your children and other people from falling into the tank. If you want a unit that will simply keep dirt and debris out of your tub, you should go with a simple cover such as a floating blanket; however, if you are looking for a unit to keep off animals out of your tub, go for a cover made from the a high-quality, tough material.

Material: The covers are made from different materials ranging from wood to plastic. For the unit to be durable, go for one made from wood. Avoid those made from plastic as they warp in sunlight. The easiest way of buying high-quality units is buying from a reputable store.