Does Clear Mean Balanced?

We all want our swimming pool water to be clear, but we also want it to be healthy, balanced and safe to swim in. Sometimes, pool water can look fine, great even, but if the pH is off your swimmers won’t be comfortable and you could also be damaging your pool equipment.

The pH level of a pool will tell you if it’s too acidic or too basic and there are a variety of test kits on the market that will instantly tell you about your water. If your water reads at a pH lower than 7.0 that means the water is too acidic and it will attack and dissolve metals especially those in copper piping in the heat exchanger located in the pool’s heater. If the saturation index is negative the pool water will dissolve calcium found in the pool shell, the plaster and/or the grouting between the tiles.

Say your pool’s pH is below 7 and above 8, well, this can lead to irritated eyes and itchy skin and if its combined with a chlorine level which is above.5 ppm it can lead to uncomfortable swimming water for you and your family.

Water can be clear but not balanced and weirdly enough, it can be cloudy but still have proper chemical readings and be quite safe to swim in. In this case, cloudy water may be a byproduct of a high swimmer load or high temperatures, high humidity or lots of stormy activity in the area as all of these things, along with proper chemical make up can have an effect on the cleanliness and look of your pool water.

Another thing pool owners should be aware of is scale build up. Not only does it look unsightly in a pool, but it can also clog filters and put undue strain on the pump motor and all of the other equipment that makes sure the water is filtered, cleaned and returned.

We all want sparkling clean and inviting pool water. Making sure the chemical balance is just right may take some time, but it is well worth it for the payoff it ensues. There are plenty of people to help, especially those pool professionals who make it their job to get each pool sparkling clean. Nobody wants water that is uncomfortable to swim in and no one wants eyes that sting after a dip, so keep that pH at a normal level and happy swimming!