When & Why You Should Call A Wildlife Removal Company

All people encounter wildlife daily. Sitting on your porch in the morning, you can see squirrels scampering through the trees and hear birds singing their songs. Driving home in the evening you may see deer and the occasional fox alongside the road. But when this wildlife invades your living space, it can be downright dangerous – not to mention terribly inconveniencing.

A few issues which may arise include:

  • Damage to property
  • Spread of disease
  • The death of a beloved pet
  • Injury to both children and adults
  • Loss of livelihood for farmers or ranchers
  • Elevated levels of anxiety for the homeowner
  • Disruption of daily routines
  • Inability to safely utilize parts of your home or property

While most issues have both pros and cons associated, there is not a single benefit to having a wildlife infestation. The key is knowing when to call a professional wildlife removal company, so the problem does not get out of hand. To do this, homeowners need to know the warning signs of wildlife infiltration.

Signs of Unwanted Wildlife in the Home

The most obvious sign of unwanted wildlife is visual confirmation. If you see a coyote running across your backyard at night, hear birds in your attic, or catch sight of a mouse running across your kitchen floor, you know there is a problem which needs to be fixed. But by the time you’ve had visual confirmation, the problem has already begun to get out of hand.

If you pay attention there are subtle clues which say you may have a problem. A few of the most common signs outside of visual confirmation include:

  • Droppings left behind by rodents, bats, or birds
  • Large holes dug under your fence, barn, chick coop, or home’s foundation
  • Strange noises can be heard which cannot be allocated to any other source
  • The shingles on your roof may show signs of damage
  • Footprints are found on roof or lawn
  • A strange (possibly pungent) odor persists without a findable cause
  • Holes known as “burrows” appear around your yard
  • If you keep any livestock, a sure sign of coyotes is finding blood or skeletal remains

One last sign many people fail to recognize is that their household pets – cats and dogs primarily – begin to act strangely. These animals have an exaggerated sense of smell which allows them to catch the scent of infesting wildlife. Dogs may bark at what appears to be nothing, or scratch at walls. They may act aggressively at night when pointed towards door or window. Cats may hiss, show signs of anxiety, and begin “peeing” around the home.

What to Do if You Think You Have a Problem

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs that wildlife may be an issue in your home, you should call a certified wildlife removal company – preferably one which practices exclusion as their primary method of solving the problem. It is important you act quickly due to the many issues unwanted wildlife could pose to your family, pets, property, and even potentially your livelihood.