How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies at Home With Some Helpful Tips

Summer is the season of strawberries, cherries, watermelons, melons and peaches, which are conveniently located in market stalls and are just waiting to get to your home. If you love hearty summer gifts, the fruit bowl is a must-have accessory for your table. At each passing by, you have the opportunity to charge freshness and a huge dose of vitamins right out of nature. The scent that is carried on it displaces all artificial flavors. A colorful fairy in the middle of the room is a beautiful visual addition to the interior of each room. Fruit flies, however, are just waiting to get home with fruit-filled bags and arrange your favorite bowl thoroughly. The little annoids instantly occupy the appetite of prey, and nothing seems to repel them.

There are any creative kitchen gadgets, but if you do not have one to protect the fruit from flies, there are some useful tricks to help you say “Goodbye!” of unwanted insects. The good news is that you do not have to use expensive insecticides that are harmful to your family. It is enough to try one of the following tricks after throwing all the rotten fruit out of the bucket. If you need basic home cleaning, contact the hygienists to keep your home glamor.

Piece of spoiled fruit

Put some vinegar and some very rotten fruit in a jar. Then wrap a sheet of paper so you get a cone. Put its sharp end in the jar and be calm. Fruit flies will be tempted to follow their favorite flavor and will end up in the jar without the right to appeal.


If for some reason the fruit flies that inhabit your home do not pay attention to the above baits, there is another way to get rid of them. Pour in an unnecessary bowl of 1-2 fingers of vinegar and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. The result of this lure is detrimental to flies and beneficial to the microclimate in the fruit room. Once they land in the bowl, they will never get out again because the soapy liquid will keep them from flying away.

Red wine

The fruit flies love the aroma of red wine. If you leave a bottle with a little of the alcoholic liquid on the bottom, they will be attracted to this scent. The narrow throat of the bottle will not allow them to come out.

Unfiltered apple vinegar

Pour a small amount of apple vinegar into an empty bottle. Close your throat by stretching on it a piece of plastic bag or transparent kitchen foil and attaching it with a rubber band. Drill a small hole through which the fruit flies get into the trap. They can not resist the aroma that is borne by the bottle. That is why one by one they find themselves in it, misled by their own greed. Moreover, they will remain there forever because they are not smart enough to find the way to salvation. You could choose an opaque bottle or fold the transparencies so that you do not see what is happening in the trap.