Head Lice Determined to Distract Students

Breaking News – research shows that Head Lice can be distracting. Wow, it’s a good thing we have dedicated scientists spending hours collecting and deciphering data. Because of this, researchers have come to the obvious conclusion that children who have Head Lice are distracted and don’t do as well in school.

Is it any wonder? Have you ever had these annoying human parasites? Feeling pin pricks of bites, your entire scalp facing unrelenting itching, soreness, redness, scabbing, bleeding… Are you really going to be paying attention to who signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783? Mastering your multiplication tables? Uh, no. And if you’re younger, can you imagine even sitting still for 10 minutes with an insatiable need to scratch your head?

So yes, Captain Obvious, head lice can be distracting. And they make learning almost impossible. Truth be told, they make life miserable!

So how can we help distracted students suffering from these little monsters?

A diagnosis causes horror, disgust, and panic. Parents (or victims) run incognito to the nearest drug store to find the approximately 12 to 15 inches of shelf space dedicated to the treatment of Head Lice. First shocker – nothing on the shelf is less than $35. Second jolt of reality – when you start looking over the directions on the label, you learn you’ll likely have to treat multiple times. And supplied in your treatment kit is the tiniest comb you’ve ever seen and you’re expected to use that comb on every single strand on the entire head. Hmm, so this irritation now becomes a financial and time-consuming annoyance as well!

Once you dare to speak openly about the problem, it becomes common knowledge that the treatments from the store aren’t working. Other families have done the treatment multiple times to no avail. Which means these bugs keep popping back up in classrooms, day care centers, etc. Even if you can manage to get rid of them, it’s likely they’ll come right back. This is a two-steps-forward-one-step-back proposition at best. What the heck?

Traditional treatments for Head Lice are less and less effective so it’s time to consider alternatives. Using Nature’s ingredient of cedar in the correct formulation can easily control these nasty bugs without toxic, synthetic chemicals. And the added bonus – control the eggs (nits) as well so you don’t have to comb them out!

So students can get back to learning. Without distractions.