Why Natural Floors Are Better Than Concrete Floor?

All types of natural stones tiles – including marble, travertine, limestone, slate, quartzite and granite – are quite a popular material for floors and walls all over the world. Despite all that prise for stones, the universal acceptance of concrete floors cannot be overlooked.

Concrete Floor –

Something cold, unattractive, rough, or the floor of some factory appears in our mind when we think of concrete floors. However, concrete is not just about that. In the following, we have a look at some of the biggest attractions of having concrete floors –

Durability – In comparison to natural stone floors, the concrete are less durable. But, when constructed properly, using the best materials and mortar mixture, concrete floors live more than many components of a building.

Easy to Place – Laying a floor with natural stones is a real hard work. First you have to find a dependable tile shop and supplier, then you have ensue safe and timely delivery of stones on your site, and get the stones cut and installed on your floors. If you go with concrete floor, you just have to get the job done by an expert floor installer. Your building contractor can also do this job.

Some of the other plus sides of concrete floors are: solidity, moisture resistance, and low cost of construction and maintenance.

Natural Stone Floors –

Floors made from natural stone tiles have a class. Not only are they beautiful, but also highly durable and almost unbreakable (some stone tiles can crack and chip). Stone floors can be seen in residential as well as commercial properties. Given below are few of the biggest advantages of these floors –

EleganceStones have natural patterns and are available in many natural colors and shades. They simply add elegance and sophistication to any room, no matter large or small. Additionally, their elegance is charmless. Meaning once installed properly, they remain as it is for years. In a simple dark room, these floors are the artwork.

Hard Wearing Natural stones are strong and durable as they are cut from rocks and processed into convenient shapes of a tile. They hold the natural sturdiness and long-lasting nature of the rock. These floors are very durable and strong.

Installing natural stone tiles increase the value of your property. In addition to that, if you are looking for some unique styling for your home, these floors are best option you have. Each stone is unique in color, shade and pattern. Natural stone floors are low on maintenance.