Raised Designs on Tile Surfaces Bring the Wow Effect to Each Room

Doing up the interior to reflect the strength of character, don’t neglect the walls. Textures speak many colorful languages and a great variety exists to suit particular budgets and lifestyles. Imagine 3D tiles on backsplashes or a striking accent wall and fireplace environment. Maybe all four walls could get that surface cladding of fantasy. No problem with installing them either. Read on to know of awesome tiles that come with pre-assembled panels and are quickly installed. Every room sure does deserve the beauty like that.

Charcoal Pencil Stacked Stone

Stacked stone walls do not belong to exteriors alone or to village scenes. Both the traditional and the contemporary effect would love the graceful result of Charcoal Pencil Stacked Stone. The mild gray natural stone veneer matches well and is easily installed. The ledger panels fit like children’s games. Put them on a single wall or everywhere.

Golden Honey STIK Wall-Tile

If you are a dedicated lover of stone veneers, install them quickly without a fuss. The peel and stick wall tile panels of Golden Honey STIK require no grout or adhesive either. These are no fakes, but the authentic natural split-face quartzite. The magical looks remain for many long years. DIY will earn the appreciation of many too.

Canyon Cream Dekora Porcelain

Stone panels created by nature look amazing in the rooms and outdoors. We improved upon them. The Dekora series like the Canyon Cream Porcelain come with almost no maintenance with all the natural stone glory. Splashes will happen and clean up is no problem.

White Brickstone Porcelain

Even in the absence of brick walls on external surfaces, White Brickstone Porcelain will bring the cottage effect of painted white brick. These 2″x10″ tiles improve upon real brick since they will not need to be repainted. Instead of subways, use these for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom wall tiles.

Adella Viso White 12×24 Satin Ceramic

Elevate your modern decoration with the most attractive wall dressing. It looks like hammered metal and the striking ripple effect of Adella Viso White 12×24 Satin Ceramic stands out in intensity. These are large at 12″x24″ and the matte finish brings a smart and bright ambiance.

If you find all that interesting, check out much more on the website. Use the online stacked stone visualizer to plan your creative effects. Textured and flat surfaces, large and little mosaics are all there to bring ripples in the soul.