A Guide to Flokati Rugs: Manufacturing and Cleaning Process

Flokati_rugs have become a popular choice amongst many modern_day homeowners. They look beautiful and amazing in any decor set up and they are a good value for money courtesy of their durability factor.

Here is an insight on how your favourite flokati_rug is manufactured _

These rugs need to be specially manufactured to claim the name _ ‘flokati_rugs’ as per the guidelines set forth by the Greek government. The two paramount elements of them are _ the carpet should be washed under high pressure and it should contain at least 1800 GSM of pure wool. Unless it is not included in the manufacturing process, the carpet may lose its authenticity.

The fibre content of these rugs should be primarily and majorly pure wool rug _ especially New Zealand wool which is considered to be finest in the world. Flokati_rugs have been in the Greek traditions for centuries and this is due to its purity and high_end luxury. The manufacturing starts with the wool being spun in to the yarns using spindles.

Before anything else, the yarn is thoroughly washed under high pressure to get rid of any unwanted element. This also helps in making the yarn fluffier_as compared to the standard wool pile. Today, we have got advanced machinery to do our job but in old times, this process was done under waterfalls for approx 40 hours to cleanse and shrink the pile and make it amazingly fluffier_for which it is known around the world.

Just like you will do for creating a hand tufted rug, the yarns are made to create long loops and then sheared to form the pile. Owing to the complexities in the manufacturing process and the difference in the variations used around the world, it is hard to explain the manufacturing process in greater depth and detailing. Also, we can’t ignore the intricacies this rug bears in its design quotient which makes it even more difficult to explain.

Though, ideally flokati_carpet should be made from 100% pure wool yarn, still different countries have different way of producing it using different materials available with them or simply to make it affordable for everyone.

Care and maintenance: an important factor to keep in mind to enhance the life cycle of your rug

It is of paramount important that you take a good care of your rug in order to keep them fresh for years to come. A few tips to help you handle your rug when you unpack and unroll it.

  1. Shake well outside right after you unroll it

It’s normal that your carpet may have flattened during transportation. Don’t worry! You can handle it easily. All you need to do is just shake your carpet well outside and this will get your fibres back to its original upright position.

  1. Use a simple raking tool

A simple raking tool will further help in making the fibres stand erect and will also make the fibres_fluffier. Remember to rake your fibres gently. This may cause some fibre coming out of the backing.

To conclude the care and maintenance, just rake and shake well and you are good with your flokati_rug.

Washing tips for your flokati_carpets

Cleaning and washing your rug is an important factor which will help increase the overall life while making it beautiful, clean and tidy. You should keep a regular check for dirt and dust and keep it clean by washing it with the mildest of wool soaps to avoid any damage to the fibres.

Few important tips to avoid while washing your flokati_carpets _ avoid using high temperature water (hot water) simply because the fibres are made from wool, chlorine bleach and dry cleaning process as all of these could pose a damage to the protective layer of the pile. Exposure to direct sunlight could lead to distortion of colour.

Always keep in mind that a periodic check for dirt and dust or any unwanted spots will keep your rug inviting and appealing.

How to vacuum your rug?

Flokati_shags exhibit thick pile which needs extra precision while vacuuming. You will need to avoid a suction head with rotating brush as this could harm the pile as the fibres may get caught in it.

Also, you need to follow the golden rule of vacuuming in opposite directions to help the pile come back to its original position.

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