Achieving Sound Dampening With Spray

When you want to reduce sound, then you should think about a sound reduction project that can totally help. The sound dampening spray has gained a lot of popularity and there are many things that make it the most outstanding option that one can go for.

Why it is the best

When you choose to spray, then you will discover that it is so simple like paint application. It is also a very easy process that does not involve many people. You can actually do it alone. The best thing is the fact that its performance is very consistent and there is a very high degree of sound reduction.

This option is also cost effective when compared to other methods. It also lasts a long time because it is resistant to water, mildew, and mold. It is fire retardant too. These are some other things that make it the best way to dampen sound.

How it is done

Usually, there are two steps involved in the application. The first thing that is done is the application of two layers of a base coat that is resilient and then it is followed by a mass building where the finish coat is applied. When the mass is increased, the coat reduces the transmission of sound through ceilings and walls. The coat retains its resilience and the finish coat can have an extra paint layer to complete the look of your wall.

The spray can be applied to a surface that already exists or to a new surface where there is a new construction. This soundproofing solution has been proven to actually keep the noise and the cost low. It saves on labor too. Areas where this spray can be used include constructions, retail centers, and offices, media rooms in homes, apartments, condominiums, schools, hotels, and even hospitals.

The spray can increase a partition of a room to over three points. It can be more than that, but it depends on the application and construction method that has been used. You can use different colors, although one can use another paint layer on top of the spray.

Storage length

When a container of the spray is not opened, then it can be kept for about a year. If there are unused materials or ones that have been left over and are open, then they need to be disposed of after six months have elapsed. Sound dampening spray is very easy to use. It is always important to let the work be done by people who have some experiences on spray application or those who are professionals in painting and coatings.


The steps are pretty much like those of normal paint. You will have to prim the surface and then apply some two coats of the base coat to get overwhelming results. So as to get the best performance, you should wait for some 20-40 minutes to allow the layers to dry well. There are also specifications about the tip of the spatter. The sprayer should be kept clean after use.